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Minami Wakako Dietitian, Low-salt food specialist, Food coordinator

After graduation from university, I have been working as a dietitian in hospitals and welfare facilities to control and balance nutrition for patients and facility users.
For many people, I felt that the plobrems related to “food” were increasing.

After that, engaged in the process of prepering school lunches and conducting food education and menu management.
In the process I realized how strong the need for “food education” according to the generation and the need for "food education" were not only at school but also at home.

In April 2017, I became a freelance dietitian and came up with the concept of “Easier food and Healthier world”.

Currently, I am engaged in a wide range of activities, such as recipe development and article writing, mainly low-salt dishes and simple and short-time Japanese dishes.

I make comprehensive meal by using of my experience as a dietitian at hospitals or schools.

In addition, I major in public health at graduate school to learn a population approach to realize “low salt society”.