We develop collaborative products with various companies such as convenience stores, supermarkets and other side dishes, lunch boxes, and healthy menus such as low-salt dishes. We will introduce the importance of foods tailored to life stages through products that can attract the attention of many customers, including trends as well as nutrition.
We propose healthy recipes according to your needs. Please feel free to contact us first.


We develop simple quick Japanese recipes recommended for those who are busy at work or at housework.
We develop recipes tailored to the lifestyles of various people, such as those for lifestyle-related diseases, dieting, and muscle training.
For any theme, we propose a quick and easy recipe that includes “nutrition , taste , appearance”.

Recipe development flow

Contact Us

Please contact us from the inquiry desk.


We will ask you for details by e-mail or chat for details such as themes and contents.

Cooking proposal

We propose a cooking plan 1.5 to 2 times the number of dishes.

Cooking decision

Determined from the proposed plan.


Deliver recipes

* It will be 1 to 2 months until deliver, but we will respond expressly according to your request
* One-stop support including photography and nutritional calculation

Event & Seminar

As a dietitian / low-salt food specialist, We hold some seminars for those who have high dietary hurdles, such as diet therapy, help to lower hurdles, salt-reduction more accessible, and for children Taste classes .
In addition, we make use of our experience working at hospitals and school meals and provide total coordination regarding food.

Supervise & Writing

We write and supervise articles using the knowledge and experience of dietitians. I have written and supervised many Japanese magazines.
We write mainly on the themes such as “Cooking / Nutrition / Ingredients”, but please feel free to contact us for anything related to “Food” .